Today’s challenging projects demand flawless execution. Our in-house team of expert engineers, planners, technicians, and backup office staff work together to provide innovative solutions. We combine creativity with innovation; modern technology with the expertise of skilled professionals to achieve excellence.



During contract negotiations, complex scenario analysis is required. This helps with optimizing a large set of routes and rates based on project requirements, the volumes involved, the modes of transport, and the available resources & skills. To get this critical component right, our expert procurement team leverages their in-depth understanding of the latest market trends.

Access to precise market rates & related service levels gives us an upper hand in freight negotiations, helping us identify the best rates while ensuring the highest standards of service. This acts as key leverage in terms of offering cost reduction and efficient services based on close relationships with the carriers, agents, partners, and other suppliers.



Relevant experience and competent staff are our strongest pillars. Each member of our team brings a rich experience to the table when developing tailored logistics and freight forwarding solutions. This helps in envisaging different complex scenarios while planning the execution, resulting in well-rounded logistics solutions. We have multi-location offices in India, backed by a team of professionals with extensive local knowledge.

Given that quality service, speed, safety, and efficiency are our top priorities, we are the preferred choice, both as local and global freight forwarders. We hold our clients in the highest regard and offer flexible solutions that fit right into their supply chain needs, saving time and capital. Our growth is driven by innovative thinkers who set benchmarks for the budding firms to follow.



Efficient management of global supply chains requires local knowledge. Market structures, culture, politics, and local business practices can vary from region to region. Cross-border logistics, in particular, can be highly complex.

To address this, we have an excellent local network of vendors. Our strategic alliances allow us to provide cost-effective, yet cutting-edge solutions. The ability to quickly identify and capitalize on upticks and downticks when providing local and domestic solutions, by various lanes and modes, gives us a competitive edge.



Today, Global supply chains are more complex and efficient than ever before. At times when a single project has its different components coming from across the globe, we leverage our extensive networks to offer solutions that meet customer satisfaction. We have a strong network of agents/partners with whom we have excellent working relationships. This helps us offer the best service levels at the most optimum prices, while also ensuring that all the compliances are taken care of.

Our network partners are spread across the globe, and we are proud to be associated with large/efficient networks with whom we work consistently.



Today, Digitization is the buzzword. While a lot of people talk about it, it is seldom implemented across the systems / processes. Total Movements has taken up digital adoption in a big way to improve service outcomes to connect various stakeholders in an ecosystem, and to create a data-driven unified view for seamless and safe transactions. Total Movements intends to implement cognitive supply chains and smart logistics of tomorrow through Digitalization, delivering customer-centric digital solutions that foster business growth.


M/s. Total Movements successfully delivered 300MW GT Transformer weighing 195MT from India and unloaded in the planned vessel timely for onward journey to Houston, USA. We appreciate their expertise by which they have executed this complex movement of Transformers and its accessories and delivered timely at Mumbai Port.
We wish M/s. Total Movements to be successful in their future task and we recommend their service to any other company.

M/s. Total Movements successfully delivered entire consignment containing ODC pieces for
BHOLA II Power Project, Bangladesh. They performed this job in very professional manner with specifically monitored by CEO at every point of execution.
GE Power appreciate their performance & would like to prefer business in future.


M/s. Total Movements executed a Multimodal Transportation of 6 x 170MT Reactors from ISGEC Plant to Antwerp. We wish to put on record that the packages were delivered safely in a record time of 35 days. Total Movements’ approach to this critical consignment was very much methodological and professional and we wish them all the good luck for their future endeavours.


L&T awarded M/s. Total Movements with air freight of over dimensional cargo from UK to India. The subject consignment were destined for a prestigious project and time was the essence of contract. We would like to convey our appreciation for the competence and professionalism displayed by Total Movements during the time of execution.


We wish to put on record that despite a huge, extremely over width dimension of the packages, M/s. Total Movements Pvt Ltd. has executed this Multimodal transport with precise planning and successfully delivered all packages in safe and sound manner. Their approach towards execution of the entire consignment was very satisfactory.


Siemens, India awarded the Factory to Foundation Logistics of project cargo and general purpose consignment from multiple locations in India and Europe for the prestigious project in Australia. We are fully satisfied with their performance as their planning, team work, technical skills, execution via close coordination with all stakeholders, timely communication and operational safety were at the highest professional levels.


We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Total Movements Pvt. Ltd. for the spirit and manner in which they have handled our Air freight consignment of critical chemical shipment from Gujarat to Kuwait. It was a really critical shipment with a very short window, however Total Movements undertook this challenge, went with out of the box thinking preferring multiple solutions, arranged the suitable charter flight within a day, and safely delivered the cargo at destination, demonstrating their expertise.
Total Movements is registered as official global logistics partner of our company to render solutions with expertise of sea, road and air shipments. We wish M/s. Total Movements all the best for their future endeavours and will recommend strongly to any company requiring similar logistics support.


M/s. Total Movements is an approved freight forwarder and logistics service provider, involved with our company on multiple projects since 2018. Some of the recent prestigious projects were moved by Total Movements providing End to End logistics service to Peru and USA. This critical consignment was delivered safely, in a very much methodological and professional manner.