Coastal Movement of Converter & Reactors to Haldia Refinery


Total Movements was awarded this multimodal transportation project from ISGEC Hitachi Zosen Limited, Dahej, which specializes in the manufacturing of heavy industrial products. The packages transported were to be utilized by Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Haldia Refinery.

Cargo Details

SO2 Converter Dimension:

Dimension : 9.53 m x 7.84 m x 7.34 m (LxWxH)
Weight : 47.30 MT

1st SCR Reactor :

Dimension : 7.45 m x 3.6 m x 4.7 m (LxWxH)
Weight : 12.05 MT

2nd SCR Reactor:

Dimension : 7.95 m x 3.6 m x 4.7 m (LxWxH)
Weight : 13.05 MT

Scope of Work

  • Road Transportation of ODC from ISGEC Dahej Works to Adani Hazira Port (distance of 150km)
  • Coastal Custom Clearance at Adani Hazira Port (involved payment of port charges)
  • Coordination with shipping line for the lifting of packages onto the vessel; secured with hard & soft lashing
  • Sea transportation of packages from Adani Hazira Port to Haldia Port for a distance of 2223nm.
  • Receiving packages at Haldia Port on hydraulic axles
  • Custom clearance at Haldia Port, completing all port formalities.
  • Road Transportation to IOCL Haldia Refinery for a distance of 4.7km, which involved permission for Railway Shutdown


  • Package width and height required proper technical study.
  • Permission for railway shutdown was required.

Project Execution

The project execution stages involved detailed planning & technical study. Our team conducted a detailed Route Survey for road transportation from ISGEC Dahej to Adani Hazira Port.

A suitable number of hydraulic axles were placed at ISGEC Dahej works for loading of 3 packages. The said packages were transported by road to Adani Hazira Port. By proper coordination with the Shipping Line, the said packages were placed under the vessel deck & secured with lashing.

The sea transportation to Haldia Port was a smooth operation monitored by our team. All 3 packages were received on hydraulic axles at Haldia Port followed by custom clearance involving the completion of port formalities.

The movement from Haldia Port to IOCL Haldia Refinery was a tedious task due to high congestion and the shutdown of the Electrified Railway Crossing & Transmission line. The same was done on a priority basis. The package was delivered in safe & sound condition to IOCL Haldia Refinery.

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