Coastal Movement of lengthy Columns from Hazira to the Kochi Refinery

Total Movements was awarded Multimodal transportation of refinery process equipment from Essar Heavy Engineering Services, Hazira which specialises in manufacturing heavy engineering equipment. These packages were being supplied to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Kochi Refinery, one of the most prestigious refinery projects in India.

Cargo Details

Purification Column:

Dimension: 25.39 m x 5.54 m x 5.85 m (LxWxH)
Weight: 93.63 MT

Alcohol Topping Column-I :

Dimension : 34.79 m x 4.24 m x 4.57 m (LxWxH)
Weight : 61.96 MT

Alcohol Topping Column-I:

Dimension : 34.14 m x 3.27 m x 4.0 m (LxWxH)
Weight : 47.10 MT

Scope of Work

  • Loading of the package at Essar Plant, Hazira
  • Road transportation from Essar Plant to Adani Hazira Port
  • Customs & port clearance
  • Coastal Conversion of Foreign Flag Vessel
  • INSA Permission
  • Feeding the packages under the vessel’s hook at Adani Hazira port
  • Sea transportation from Hazira Port to Cochin Port
  • Unloading on to the axle under hook of the vessel at Cochin port
  • Road transportation from Cochin Port to the Refinery


  • Lengthy packages
  • Coordination with multiple agencies at the same time
  • Arranging a foreign-going heavy-lift vessel for coastal movement
  • Coastal Conversion of the vessel at short notice
  • Stool down operation needed thorough planning

Project Execution

Our team completed a detailed Route Survey for road transportation from Essar Plant, Hazira to Adani Hazira Port. We made arrangements for the required number of pullers & hydraulic axles as per the equipment readiness at the Plant Site. Our vessel chartering team made great efforts to find a suitable heavy-lift vessel considering the low availability of such vessels in the Indian market.

Moving such long packages was a challenging task. The package was placed on a suitable hydraulic axle trailer combination under close supervision. It was brought out of the plant site and successfully delivered to Adani Hazira port.

All 3 packages were placed under the vessel deck with proper coordination. The vessel reached Cochin Port well in advance & all packages were successfully unloaded under the vessel’s hook. The movement from Cochin Port to BPCL Refinery was a daunting task due to congestion and ongoing bridge construction. Despite that, our team successfully moved the packages in record time.

Project Gallery

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