Multimodal Transportation of 195MT Transformer to the USA

Total Movements was awarded multimodal transportation of the 300MW Generator Set-Up Transformer, along with its accessories, from the supplier's factory in Bhopal. This cargo was being supplied to the Power Plant in the USA.

Cargo Details

Consignment :

300MW Generator Set-Up
Transformer + Accessories


12.05 m x 3.95 m x 4.6 m (LxWxH)


195 MT

Scope Of Work

  • Loading of cargo at the supplier’s factory in Bhopal
  • Road transportation from the supplier’s factory to Mumbai port
  • Custom & port clearance
  • Receiving the package under the vessel’s hook at Mumbai port
  • Sea Transport from Mumbai Port to Houston Port

Challenges Faced

  • Heavy Rains & Floods in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra
  • Bad conditions of roads
  • Loading on RO-RO Vessel Bahri Jeddah using Spreader beams
  • Civil work done near the supplier’s gate within 2 hours for smooth turning
  • Extreme time-bound delivery schedule

Project Execution

The Total Movements team was involved in the project from the very beginning. Our team completed a detailed Route Survey for road transportation from the supplier’s factory, Mandideep Plant, to Mumbai Port.

Our Transportation Team made the arrangements for the puller & hydraulic axles well in advance. Civil work was done near the supplier’s gate within 2 hrs for smooth turning. Also, our chartering team booked a suitable vessel, taking into account the least transit time available, along with all the necessary safety requirements as per the package dimensions.

The transformer was placed on hydraulic axles under extreme supervision & it was successfully brought out of the Supplier’s Gate. Traffic & the bad condition of roads in the city made the task difficult. Despite that, our team successfully brought the cargo inside the Mumbai Port Gate.

On the vessel’s arrival, the packages were directly transported to the berth for feeding under the vessel’s hook on the same day. The heavy-lift transformer was loaded using a lifting spreader beam. All the packages were safely loaded onto the lower deck. They were then secured with hard & soft lashings as per sea fastening calculations.

Despite the challenges, our team accomplished the delivery of this heavy 195MT transformer from Factory to Port (a distance of 1300 Kms) in a record 10 days.

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