Coastal movement from ISGEC Dahej works to KICTPPL site Paradip, Odisha

ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited appointed Total Movements for the end-to-end domestic logistics of Breakbulk ODCs, critical parts of the Coal Handling Systems from ISGEC Dahej Works to Kalinga International Coal Terminal, Paradip, Odisha.

Cargo Details


Breakbulk ODC Critical


Length - 16 m to 7.75 m
Width - 8.5 m to 6 m
Height - 4.5 m to 2 m

Total Freight Tons:

Over 7000 FRT

Scope of Work

  • Arrangement of suitable vehicle & supervision during loading operations at the supplier’s plant
  • Road Transportation of packages from the supplier’s plant to Dahej Port
  • Obtaining all the enroute permissions, ensuring completion of all civil works inside the port for smooth movement of packages till Port Berth
  • Coastal Custom Clearance at Adani Dahej Port
  • Loading of packages onto vessel as per the stowage & stackability
  • Coastal Shipping of packages in one lot from Adani Dahej Port to Paradip Port
  • Coastal Custom Clearance at Paradip Port
  • Discharge of packages from vessels onto suitable vehicles
  • Road Transportation of packages from Paradip Port to Kalinga Terminal


  • Since almost all packages were very wide, max-width 8.5m, the movement inside the port up to the berth was not easy. Civil work was required, which involved the removal of 46 lamp poles & removal of fencing inside the port premises.
  • All 14 packages needed proper Technical Study (Loading Plan, Lashing, Stability)

Project Execution

Total Movements is proud to have delivered about 7000 freight tons of breakbulk ODC cargo on an end to end basis from manufacturer’s works on the west coast to the delivery site on the east coast. The cargo, which consisted of critical parts of Coal Handling Systems to be set up at Paradip port, was moved using Coastal Ships.

Our Team made all arrangements, placement of vehicles, equipments, manpower deployment to receive these critical pieces.

One of the critical features of this move was the extreme width of the cargo which needed to be moved with minute precision at a lot of places at the load port due to the presence of permanent structures. The clearances in a few places were less than 0.1 meter , but with meticulous planning, software simulations and multiple iterations, our team was able to overcome this challenge.

All the cargo was delivered to the Kalinga Terminal in a safe and timely manner much to the satisfaction of our customer.

Another critical project executed with finesse by team Total Movements.

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