Multimodal Movement of a Cold HP Separator Drum to IOCL Refinery for BS-VI Project

Total Movements was awarded multimodal transportation of refinery process equipment from Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., which specialises in manufacturing heavy engineering equipment. This package was supplied to Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Haldia Refinery in its DHDT unit for the BS-VI Project.

Cargo Details


Cold HP Separator Drum


16.05 m x 7.7 m x 5.2 m (LxWxH)


267 MT

Scope of Work

  • Loading of the package at Godrej plant, Vikhroli
  • Road transportation from Godrej plant to Mumbai port
  • Custom & port clearance
  • Coastal Conversion of Foreign Flag Vessel
  • INSA Permission
  • Receiving the package under the vessel’s hook at Mumbai port
  • Sea transportation from Mumbai port to Haldia port
  • Unloading on to the axle under the vessel’s hook at Haldia port
  • Road transportation from Haldia port to IOCL Haldia DHDT Unit


  • COG (Centre of Gravity) of the package was offset width wise
  • Massive package dimensions considering width, height & weight
  • Lifting points and trunnions were absent from the given package for receiving & discharging under the vessel’s hook.
  • Removing major obstructions in a very congested city
  • Railway Shutdown at Haldia was needed due to the height of the package

Project Execution

We were involved in the project from the very beginning stages. A detailed route survey was conducted for road transportation from Godrej, Vikhroli Plant to Mumbai Port. Our Transportation team arranged the required number of puller & hydraulic axles well in advance at the Plant Site. Our chartering team took a great effort to find a suitable vessel taking the safety requirements into account, as per the package dimensions.

The Centre of Gravity of the package was an offset, which led to the following thorough Technical Study:

  • Trailer stability on single 18 hydraulic axles
  • Lashing calculations
  • Vessel lifting plan at both loading & unloading ports


The package was placed on Goldhofer hydraulic axles under extreme supervision & it was successfully brought out of Godrej Gate. The large package dimensions required overnight movement through the congested city. Our escort team successfully brought the package near Mumbai Port Gate within 2 days.

Keeping in mind the package dimension, the Mumbai Port Gate needed civil work and some dismantling which we executed in record time. Our Team finally brought the package inside Mumbai Port the same day when the vessel Orient Pluto berthed.

The massive workload was to lift the package under the vessel’s hook as there were no lifting points. The 2 cranes were very close, but with proper coordination with the crane operator, we were able to lift the package & successfully place it under the vessel deck with adequate soft slings.

The sea transportation to Haldia Port was a smooth operation monitored by our Team. The Package was successfully loaded on Goldhofer Hydraulic axles under the vessel’s hook at Haldia Port.

The movement from Haldia Port to IOCL, Haldia Refinery was a big task due to high congestion and shutdown of Electrified Railway Crossing and Transmission line which was done in record time by our expertise.

Total Movements Team was able to deliver the package to IOCL, Haldia Refinery Site well in advance.

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