Inland Transportation of DHT Reactor from Dahej works to Baroda Refinery


Total Movements was awarded the road transportation of refinery process equipment from ISGEC Hitachi Zosen Limited, Dahej. This package was supplied to Indian Oil Corporation Limited Baroda Refinery in its DHDT unit for the BS-VI Project.

Cargo Details


DHT Reactor


37 m × 6.2 m × 6.6 m (LxBxH)


484.8 MT

Scope of Work

  • Loading of the package at ISGEC Plant, Dahej
  • Road transportation from ISGEC plant to IOCL Baroda Refinery


  • Road transportation of such a lengthy package was a big task
  • Heavy weight of the package required detailed study and planning
  • Major civil work was done, i.e., the making of an en-route bypass
  • Tower Line shutdown was needed
  • A Railway Shutdown was done in a short period during the Diwali festival
  • HT LT line Shutdown Permission had to be acquired from various departments during movement

Project Execution

The Total Movements Team made plans for this entire movement by considering the following parameters:

  • Parking area availability
  • Bypass Readiness
  • Permission to be obtained on time
  • Designated team to be appointed


Considering package dimensions & weight, a thorough Technical Study was needed:

  • Trailer Stability
  • Lashing methodology
  • Turning Possibilities at various sharp turns
  • Bridge – Load Carring Capacity calculation


Our team completed a detailed Route Survey for road transportation from ISGEC Dahej Plant to IOCL Baroda Refinery.

The package was placed on a combination of SPMT & THP/SL conventional hydraulic axles with proper lashing under extreme supervision.

The route planned for the movement was through critical turns at locations such as Amod, Bhimpura, Koyali, etc. After taking all parameters from these junctions, the corresponding simulation results were finalized.

Major civil work was done – i.e 2 bypasses at Achhod and 1 on the Vishwamitri River. A suitable capacity of puller was added for safe movement on the bypass.

Railway shutdown permission was sought during the festival season, which made it a little difficult considering transit time availability.
Transmission lines such as tower lines, HT LT lines, and other transmission lines require shutdown. To address this, our team got the necessary permission from various departments. We successfully delivered this DHDT Reactor to IOCL Baroda Refinery in record time.

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