Total Movements aims to deliver globally integrated and tailor-made end to end solutions. Drawing from
in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems, Total Movements manages the needs of its
customer's supply chains, no matter how demanding they might be.

Oil and Gas

This sector caters to energy requirements of people around the world. Various challenges arise due to highly specialized equipment, remote locations and constantly changing freight costs.

Owing to this, it is very critical for logistics in an Oil & Gas industry as various things need to be taken into consideration like planning a proper route due to oversized loads, etc.


Construction of new power plants or modification of existing power plants involve logistics services of various heavy equipment like Turbines, Generators, Transformers, Boiler drums, etc. Moving such heavy equipment within or outside a country requires careful planning and strategy. The transport of power equipment requires right kind of transportation equipment. As a result, work should be done with local and international agencies to get the equipment reach safely at their destinations.

Total Movements specializes in providing energy companies with integrated, end-to- end supply chain solutions. Our industry expertise allows energy companies to outsource their supply chain needs, so they can focus on doing what they do best: meeting the world’s ever-increasing need for energy and exploring new technologies.


Infrastructure projects involve construction of bridges, world class airports, flyovers, stadiums, tunnels, etc. This requires specialized equipment to ensure minimal disruptions. We have got the equipment to carry out such activities with highest level of safety standards. Also, this helps in minimizing the construction time.

Metals and Mining

Most important thing in mining is to move the produce in the most efficient manner thereby reducing idling capacity, lowering inventory costs and also minimizing risks. In mining, the various equipment used are also over-dimensional, over weight and need to be delivered at remote work sites. As a result, proper customized logistics are needed for them to be transported to places/destinations.

Industrial Plants and

Industrial plants and projects involve transport and movement of various machineries and heavy equipment. Also, repair and modification of plants, relocation of plants require such transportation. As a result, it involves entire transport from ex-factory to destination plant site. It involves proper co-ordination, specialized transport, customs, handling and installation on-site of the heavy packages.

We provide complete end to end logistics services for projects like power plants, wind power plants, cement plants, steel plants, and other plant locations.