Case Studies

Reliance Industries- JERP, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Nature of Work

The work required multimodal transportation of 84 nos. of super heavy SODCs. The scope included marine transport on Barges from Sikka anchorage to Sikka Jetty and land transport on SPMTs over a distance of 23km from Sikka Jetty to Reliance-JERP 2 Plant.

Project Highlight

Safely transported 84 nos. of super heavy SODCs in a highly aggressive and demanding project schedule of only 8 months including :

  • 1591 MT C3 Splitter (96.8m X 14.3m X 11.5m)
  • 1438 MT FCC Regenerator (41.2m X 18.0m X 18.0m)
  • 1205 MT Crude Column (74.1m x 12.7m x 13.2m )
  • 745 MT DHDS Reactor (38.7m x 5.8m x 6.9m )

Marine Transport:

  • 1205 MT Crude Column (74.1m X 12.7m X 13.2m)
  • 601 MT Vacuum Column (47.8m X 13.9m X 13.9m)
  • 410 MT Coke Drums (38.2m X 9.6m X 9.5m)