Case Studies

Essar Power, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh

Case overview

Essar Projects India Ltd. was setting up a 2x600MW super thermal power plant in Mahan, near Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. The plant was operated by Essar Power. Boiler drum measuring 27.94m X 2.67m X 2.67m and weighing 246MT was supplied by Harbin Power, China. Boiler drum was to be installed at a height of 77m from ground level.


The structure of boiler house was the complicated area. There were H3.6 row columns at a distance of 26m from each other, while the length of boiler drum was 27.9m. Therefore, the distance between each row column was the major constraint as there was no clearance available for horizontal lifting since the length of the boiler drum was more than the clearance. Further, the final location was 4m offset from the lifting location. Therefore, the drum had to be skidded before its final installation.

Our Solution

To tackle the complexities of this work, our parent company, Freight Wings proposed inclined lifting and skidding solution. Since the length of the boiler drum was more than the distance between row columns, therefore, the solution was to incline the drum at an angle of 30 degrees and lift it. To create proper angle for inclination, the team made a structure which included skidding beams and 100 Ton capacity skid rollers. The entire lifting and skidding structure was mounted at a height of 86m. They lifted the drum from one end to clear the row column by simultaneous skidding of the Strand jack towards the other Strand jack which was kept stationary holding other end of the drum. At a height of 70m, the drum cleared the row columns and thereafter made boiler drum horizontal to the ground. After the drum reached the height of 77m it was skidded 4m towards the H girders using 100 Ton capacity skid rollers and lowered on to its U’s rods (final position). Considering all safety and quality measures for this heavy lift, the team successfully installed the boiler drum to client’s fullest satisfaction.